Portable Charger Buying Guide – 3 Things That You Should Know

Lately, for almost all of the mobile phone owners, power bank has come to be one important accessory.  The pervasive short lasting cell capacity in cell phones could have been held responsible regarding popping up this type of a situation. Though we got the solution already in form of the power banks, but still you might not be knowing what are the important aspects that needs to be taken care of properly in order not to end up with a wrong portable charger which would not be suitable enough to fulfill your exact needs.

Therefore, let’s begin with all those important factors with detailed inward view.

i) Capacity of the portable charger:

Capacity or power of a portable power bank is usually looked on as the identifier of a portable charger. 5200 mAh or be it 12000 mAh, one could possibly have heard battery packs being named in this manner where mAh (Milli-Ampere-Hour) stands for the unit measuring the capacity.  The optimum amount of electrical power which can be retained within the portable battery pack is fundamentally indicated with these numbers.

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But there lies the popular believe that a portable power bank with capacity 12000 mAh (say) would be able to power up some smartphone with battery capacity 3000 mAh exactly four times. But in actuality, the number of such instances would be much less than that. This happens due to the understandable loss while the conversion of power takes place and also due to the poor condition of the battery of the smartphone which is being charged. Hence, the claimed capacity of a battery pack is never the true indicator of the amount of charge that it can deliver in reality. On an average, 75% of the claimed potential of all of the power banks are utilizable while charging up.

Thus, there should be given enough attention before relying on the claimed capacity of a portable charger. But in general, branded power banks, as a result of using high graded batteries inside have higher conversion rate, even sometimes near 90%, which is the case for the Mi power banks from Xiaomi.

Further, the sometimes portable chargers tend to be regarded as best according to their power. For instance, any 10000 Mah power bank is assumed as better than certain 5000 mAh capacity portable charger. That’s true, but at the same time apart from being large, a powerbank becomes bulkier, as well as pricey. Consequently, you should keep this in mind while selecting a huge powerbank.

ii) Branded PowerBanks:

It really is advisable normally to go for a well-known battery pack brand, whom you can rely upon. This mention was necessary for the contemporary online situation, where many anonymous companies had shown up from practically nowhere and started off offering portable powerbanks with phony advertisements. The exact fact pertaining to almost all of these kinds of vendors of portable powerbank is that, they employ recycled battery, and that is undoubtedly some dangerous terrain. So, be careful while choosing the power banks and get to know well what you are opting for.

Portable Charger Buying Guide

iii) Nos. O/P USB Ports:

Presently battery packs are generally loaded by several output USB port feature in a much prevalent way. This feature provides a crucial possibility to charge multiple phones or tablets all at once. However, single port options are usually seen typically in lower capacity portable battery packs for their having lower capacity. So, in case one has a pair of gadgets, for example a smart phone and a tab PC then this particular function would be what you should definitely look for within the selected portable charger.

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So, to end it right at this point, retaining these things in your head whilst planning to order any battery pack, you are definitely going to pick the very best power bank for smartphone or tab.

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